O: Orange-Almond Cake

April 17, 2015

Yay, a recipe. Which means I don’t really have to rack my brains on what to write 🙂

I made this Orange-Almond cake about a month back. I had been seeing recipes for a whole orange cake on many blogs – where the orange is boiled for a couple of hours, and then pulverised in a mixer (I would imagine) and that goes into the cake. While I was really fascinated by the idea and wanted to try it, I had only our local Nagpur oranges on hand. I began searching for a recipe that I could use. Incidentally, Pia, of Peppercorns in my Pocket (great blog, thanks R for leading me to her blog) posted this recipe. Sounded great, except I didn’t have almond flour. So I slightly roasted 100g of almonds and blitzed them with the skin on, and TA-DA I had almond meal, 1.25 cups of it too! For 1 cup of OJ, I used two small oranges, with pulp. This was the result. 


This cake is probably the only one I’ve put so much effort into – juicing and grinding etc. But totally worth it. Loved the almond flavour. I would have loved a more prominent orange flavour as well, so perhaps more zest next time!


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