N: Namaste India (Bangalore!)

April 16, 2015

(Thanks, N for suggesting this!)

Come November this year, it’ll be 5 years since I moved back to India from Singapore. Right now I don’t quite recall what exactly my state of mind was back then, but I’m guessing it was a mix of nervousness and excitement. So many things had changed since I last lived in India (that was nearly six years before that) – my marital status, my line of work, me, as a person! And of course, I was curious to see how much my beloved city had changed, whether it was for for good or worse.

It’s been a long day, so I’ll make this post short. What’s life been like since we moved back?

The Nice:

  • Being closer to family
  • My current job
  • The food, the food. Generally speaking, there was plenty of great food in Singapore as well, but tended to be expensive (nope, not counting the food courts)
  • Living and working close to Rangashankara and watching several plays and eating tons of sabudana vada at a fraction of the ticket prices at Singapore!
  • Short weekend trips no longer meaning bringing out the passports 😉

The Not-so-nice

  • This one’s a no-brainer – the traffic
  • The paranoia, the insecurity if I/we decide to step out late in the evening
  • This city doesn’t have a beach
  • This city doesn’t have the friends I left behind 😦


  1. Why insecurity?? Anywhr not just blr isnt safe in the evening but it wont be worse than delhi/ncr ? Any comments

    • Sure. But I’d be scared to get into a cab alone post 10pm.

      • Thats right

  2. And why friends behind are no longer thr? Does tht mean they hv changed too with time ?

    • Of course yes. I just said I miss my friends in Singapore 🙂

  3. Oh okay got it

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