I: Indecisive

April 10, 2015

At first I thought I’d write about ideas. But then, I didn’t find any remarkable ones. And then I thought I’d write about inspiration. I’m still waiting for it to strike me. Inventions, Innovation, I thought. But I discovered there wasn’t anything new I could say. Internet, the glorious Internet?! The worldwide web is so wide, where would I start? Idol worship? Insults? Incredible India? 

Illustration, how about a simple sketch, maybe? Great idea, but I’m not so inclined at the moment? Ink, and why I’ve given up on the tattoo idea maybe? Interests, perhaps. Too many, I’d bore you. Identity, ahh interesting, I thought. Intuition and instinct instructed me to ignore that. Imagination, I lacked to go too far. 

Is this making you irritated? Insane? Enough with the inanities, you say? Indeed, I’m done here, I say. 



  1. This was almost poetry to me! Lovvvved it 😀

  2. sooooper!!!! just shows you will always have it!!!!

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