F: Fooooooood (Part two)

April 7, 2015

So my C for Cooking was a bit too meandering and rambling, so I’ll try and keep this one shorter. Else I will run the risk of encountering Zzzzzs before we get to Z at the end of the month!

The last 2-3 years have seen me the most experimental with my cooking. I bought an oven as soon as we moved into a house that had a large enough kitchen and the adventures resumed. Pizzas, bread, garlic rolls, pesto rolls, lasagne from scratch once, limoncello tart, tons of potato wedges, roasted veggies, cakes, muffins, brownies – plenty of stuff, mostly edible thankfully, has rolled out of my trusty little Morphy Richards oven. 

And my daily cooking is one of my favourite ways to unwind, I’ve realised. During my pregnancy, I told myself I’d hire a cook after the first trimester, then the second, and then never got around to it. Turned out I was fit enough and happy enough to cook pretty much till the end. Until my mom came and took over in the last week. Yay. After A was born, we decided to hire a cook finally, and for a few months it was great. He made excellent baingan bharta and stuffed parathas for lazy, indulgent weekend breakfasts. 

But the control freak inside me wanted control of my kitchen soon. He would use too much oil and left the windows and stove a greasy mess. And so, a month after I resumed work part-time I let him go. Nervously. I told him if it got too much for me, I’d call him back. 

Two months on, it’s been good. I haven’t made that call. Sure, sometimes it’s a little tiring to slave over a meal at the end of a long day. But most days, with a little help from S, it’s easily done. Besides, once or twice a week I try and make something more fun and indulgent than the regular meals – a soup and a big salad, or a crustless quiche, or pasta with an interesting sauce or roasted veggies on the side – heck, I even fried pooris for dinner the other night (that is a big deal for someone who a. deep fries onces a year b. Hasn’t made pooris in as long as she can remember). Planning and executing an offbeat meal is something I look forward to. 

And I’m glad to have married S, non-fussy, always open to experimenting, and happy to eat – whether it’s a roasted bell pepper pasta, or a quick and easy khichdi or bisibelebath. I’m hoping lil A will grow up with fond memories of good food on the table, and good times. Predictably enough, I can barely wait to start cooking and baking with her. On her tippy toes, trying to peek into the oven, over the counter, asking me a million times if the cake is done, icing cupcakes, like I had the pleasure of doing with my niece recently, licking the spoon, you get the drift? Can barely wait. 


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