Food (what else) | Lemon curd

March 30, 2015

So, one of the main reasons for me to resume blogging is to ensure that I have a place to record all the things I’ve cooked or baked and tried to. With or without success. Nope, it’s unlikely this will ever turn into a half-decent food blog , but I’m hoping at least a good part of my posts will be food-related. A quasi-food-journal perhaps?

One of the earliest food blogs I came across and continue to follow to this day, is Meeta’s What’s For Lunch Honey? And one of the recipes I saw back then, was of something I’d never heard of. Lemon Curd. Sounds great, looked fantastic. If you’ve read her blog, great pictures are a given. And you want to eat everything she’s posted. Yes.

So I’d bookmarked it away in my head and over the years, came across several recipes that called for lemon curd. One of them being, her quark-lemon curd squares. And quark, again, an exotic sounding thing that I’d never heard of in the context of food. So anyway. Along with salted caramel and dulce de leche, lemon curd is one of those things that had been on my todo list for the longest time.

So the last weekend, I made it when I found organic lemons that weren’t earth-shatteringly expensive. And since I finally have a GREAT zester, I was set. Of course, I’m always, or at least mostly, the choose-convenience-over-extra-effort types. So I skipped the last step in her recipe. No straining. And here’s the proportions that I went in with –

  • 3 whole eggs
  • Zest and juice from three whole lemons
  • 1 cup sugar
  • About 70g butter

Beat all ingredients except butter till mixed. Cook on gentle heat (no, no double boiler) till custardy. Take off heat, stir in the butter. Eat. Tada!

It tasted goooood. Tangy, bitter and just a little sweet. Bursting with that lemony flavour. S tasted it and felt this will taste great mixed with alcohol – and then it hit us, of course it tastes pretty much like Limoncello, that great Italian discovery. Just the fresh lemons and the zest, so reminiscent of the fresh, sunny-tasting liqueur. So, now, I wanna try and sit a few tablespoons of zest in a small bottle of vodka and see how that goes. I also recall reading a post (on one of the zillion food blogs I’ve read) on making limoncello at home. So, I’ll give that a shot soon I think (pun! Haha!)

Okay, that was huge digression there. Back to lemon curd. What I made with a jar-full of lemon curd apart from slathering it on toast is a story by itself. I tried to make lemon-curd squares from The Kitchn. Yes, tried. So, stay tuned and you’ll find out.


One comment

  1. Hah! We have a bottle of lemon curd languishing in the fridge 😀 … By the way, a friend of ours made Lemon curd at home and posted pictures of it on FB .. bleddy good job he did too 🙂

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