Here we go again

March 20, 2015

When I discovered the whole wide wonderful world of blogging, I was 23, and it was a good decade ago. I can claim to be less naïve, claim to have seen more of the world, been there and done that, and thank heavens, wizened up enough to no longer type in sms lingo. And yet, here I am – far, far more self-conscious typing out this post, than I was the first time round. The first time felt like I was stepping into a whole new world, and like dipping my toes gently into water. This time round, it feels plain weird. (Yes, very articulate, as you can see.) Well, whether it was the recklessness of youth back then, or the caution and wisdom and self-doubt that comes with age now, I don’t quite know. But here I am, and here we go again. Wish me luck.

PS: No, it was not this blog. And there were feeble attempts to blog, as you can see, in 2012, on this *NEW*, *IMPROVED* blog- but that didn’t go very far. And I’d completely forgotten that I had even managed all these posts on this blog. Oh well. So, technically, here goes attempt #3.


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