The Groaning Shelf (and other instances of book love)

January 4, 2013

One of those days when you end up being late for work because, you know, you’re trying to finish a book. Should be the only permissible reason to be late to work, if you ask me.

I finished reading Pradeep Sebastian’s The Groaning Shelf (and other instances of book love) and I loved it. It’s a book about books.

The first half was a tad slow (or so it seemed to me) but the second half was lovely. Towards the second half I decided I’d slow down my reading speed and savour every bit of it. And I did.

Was interesting to read about First editions and fine books. And Sebastian sounds like such a nice man. I think this will prompt me to read more books about books as well.

It would’ve been better had I been familiar with more authors and books that crop up in the book, then again, it’s a good way to discover new authors. Or authors that I’ve always seen on bookshelves but haven’t ventured to read.

This has given me the idea to try out new authors this year. Fewer Murakami books and more by unread authors.

So, the next book I’m reading is The Man Within by Graham Greene – an author I’ve read about, but whose books I haven’t.



  1. It happened with me when I was hooked to ‘The Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand. I was shortening my lunch/coffee breaks to take out time to read the book. I would excuse myself for any work and look for those hidden corners in diff blocks of my ofc building. Ah that was so much fun, finding a book u cant leave.

    It happened again recently with The Palace of Illusions, do grab it if you have time.

    • That’s the best feeling ever. Yes, I’ve read Palace of Illusions, loved it 🙂

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