Giving thanks

November 22, 2012

I have no clue what entails a Thanksgiving celebration in the West, but I do love the idea of this day.

How often do we stop and think about the things we’re grateful for? How nice is it to have a day set aside to ponder on this and give thanks?

Every year it makes me think at least for a minute of the things I’m grateful for. This year, I’m posting this. Things I’m really grateful for (apart from the obvious ones like family &  friends. Yes you, the one reading it, and you, the other one reading it. Especially the two of you.)

  • Music. Makes me happy. Picks me up when I’m tired. Pushes me further when I’m running. Makes me higher when I’m high 😉
  • The hair on my head. I hate the fact that it’s very prominently gray, but hey at least it’s still there:-)
  • The internet. Hate it at times, take it for granted rest of the times. Actually, technology in general. Cameras, iPads with retina display, airplanes hehe.
  • Feminism. Women’s lib. A lot of what we’re able to do, and choose not to do stems from some determined women in the past. Again, something we take for granted.
  • The opportunities I’ve had, the choices I’ve been able to make. The good ones, the downright awful ones. There’s been some learning derived from each experience (I hope)
  • Good health (touchwood)
  • The fact that at the moment, my work still challenges me. The thought of going to work each morning is mostly okay. On most days, I enjoy what I’m doing.
  • Having the freedom, the means and ability to be able to do what I want, most of the time. So, so underrated. (ability & freedom to sleep for 7 hrs each night too)

If I were to pick one from the list, it’s probably the last one.

Going through the Leh pics, I’m once again reminded to be thankful for nature, the colours, the joy. And eyesight.

Happy Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for?


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